Ferris Station

Jim Coker leads an undermanned troop of Union cavalry in the fight against marauding guerilla raiders in Kansas. John Jacobs, a vicious half-breed, with a personal vendetta against the owners of Ferris Station, leads a band of guerillas, against the homesteaders of Southeastern Kansas, both for personal gain and the lust for murder. After several raids are thwarted by the cavalry, Jacobs hatches a plan to make the Arapaho Indian tribe go on the war path. Thus taking some of the army pressure off him and his band. As the viciousness and frequency of the raids by both Jacobs and some revenge-seeking Arapaho warriors' increases, the homesteaders' band together to make a stand at Ferris Station. Jim, working with the son of an Arapaho elder, must try to quell the possible Indian uprising and defeat Jacobs and his guerilla band to save the woman he loves and the homesteaders at Ferris Station.

by Larry Boucher

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