Fifty Years on the Wrack Line: The Greatest Poems from Corona del Mar's Second Greatest Poet

Fifty Years on the Wrack Line is a collection of poems, haikus, and musings from Corona del Mar's second most eminent poet and author, Dr. William Hauser. He moved to Newport Beach, California in 1968 and upon retiring he sought a spiritual life of meditation and reflection. The quiet and solitude of the shoreline provided the peace of mind he was seeking.

The beaches and coves from Newport to Laguna Beach and also the sands of New Zealand and Hawaii inspired him to put his thoughts to paper. He wanted to share the wonder and magic he found while observing the confluence of land and water, of man and nature, and of life and death. He found all this in the thin shifting line of wrack washed up every day and night by the seas.

Included are poems he constructed during his daily walks across the flower streets of Corona del Mar and the love and beauty he found there. Also there are some poems he wrote “just for fun.”

So join the doctor and listen for the Earth's music while he deciphers the meaning of life from the script left by the sea.

by William Hauser, MD

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