Finding Shapes in Nature: A Discovery Book for Children

The Finding Shapes in Nature book uses a unique method of introducing children to the concept of shapes while fostering an interest in the natural world surrounding them. The book encourages children to look for shapes on the wings of birds, on land animals, in the woods, and in other natural settings. The captivating photos encourage children to dialogue about basic creature facts. The notation on each page indicating where the picture was taken exposes children to geography concepts. Parents and teachers are encouraged to further the learning experience by introducing children to maps and globes.

Teachers describe the book as wonderfully inspiring for young learners. They report the following: (a) that the book ties directly into the math curriculum and is a valuable resource for learning, (b) that students were immediately interested in the brightly colored photos of different plants and animals, (c) that following a Finding Shapes workshop students traveled the hallways looking for shapes and getting excited about making connections to the lesson, and (d) that there is a world geography aspect to the book. Student interest piques at the mention of familiar geographical locations

by Jeanne B. O’Brien, M.Ed.

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