For the Crown : Stories and Lessons of Service, Struggle and Glory from a Sports Team Chaplain

"For the Crown" is about doing life with people in your life. "For the Crown" can be a guide book, a "how to" manual for anyone who may seek to influence another for Christ, not just in an athletic setting, but at home and/or in the work place. This work, this story of a pastor and his experiences can help any Christian as they strive to influence others and to reach toward the goal of their own crown of righteousness.

In a world where there is so much fierce competition for winning the role of a chaplain and or character coach is that of being a behind the scenes confidant and friend to coaches, players, and others in the program. The lessons, struggles, victories, and strategies, taught in "For the Crown" can be applied to any situation in life where a person seeks to walk with another person and point them toward the Heavenly Father who awards the crown. This is person to person relational evangelism in its truest form.

by Randy Brown

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