Forever True Love

Too frequently, we see or hear sad stories of cases where dogs have been neglected or mistreated. This should never be! If you are a true dog lover, you know full well that your dog is not only a family pet and faithful companion but also one of the best friends you can ever have. In fact, your dog most likely is considered a family member! You will give your dog undivided love, and you can be assured you will get the same in return. Memories will be made that will last a lifetime, unforgettable memories!

Throughout your life, the relationship with your faithful companion will result in a relationship, which will be “forever true love.” That is what this story is all about—a story about an older gentleman and his wife and a beautiful black Labrador Retriever.

"If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die, I want to go where dogs went."

—Will Rogers

by W. Alan Guthrie

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