Freedom Earned

What if?

With the government in complete control of the country and the constitution and bill of rights changed in favor of the government, the United States of America had become the most powerful socialist country in the world. The American people were brainwashed into believing they had to give up their rights to move forward and build a freer society. But then they found themselves in a politically driven and freedom-lost country, though the country still maintained a two-party system. But that was soon to change as the ruling party became more powerful.

The ruling party planned to take complete control and eliminate the opposing party and establish a one-party system, giving all people only one party to vote for, though they could still choose which candidate within the party they wanted, be it a mayor, governor, or president. No one could write a person in.

Complete control was paramount to show the world how to govern a one-party system. With allegiance to the European nations and the retaken of Britain by the European Union after BREXIT it was necessary to invite the world to see how efficient Europe had become in controlling a defeated nation without fighting a war by using the defeated nations politicians; like taking candy from a baby, a little crying then peace. The British were sold out by their own politicians.

They soon learned that freedom is earned and they could not take it for granted. Many citizens knew what had to be done, and secretly they agreed working to free the people and the nation from what had been taken away and to restore the constitution as it was originally written.

Tork and Cal stumble on the beginning of the fight for freedom, learning that all freedom is earned, and the price to win is indeed your right to survive and be free.

by Ronald Price

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