From Bliss to This: A Woman's Incredible Journey through a Cultural Marriage

In my wildest dreams, I never expected to find or marry the perfect man. Still, as an American woman who met and married a younger Muslim man, I was ecstatic when I learned I would also travel the world and be immersed in his culture and family life. We shared the most enjoyable adventures I could have imagined. With my husband by my side, I lived in bliss, with love and joy, for twelve years.

How suddenly, my new life disintegrated.

Our perfect marriage shifted and became my trap. Divorce did not involve separation; that would come twelve intense and painful years later. Fear for my life and well-being compelled me to continue living with him and cooperate through cruelty, heartbreak, emotional torment, and violent threats of physical harm. I endured my new reality at home with his new wife and, later, two children.

I learned to cope with more grief and emotional suffering than most women could handle in a lifetime. Our relationship went beyond the believable, but it happened exactly as he'd planned. While his anger and violent personality reigned, I patiently waited for the best time and the one thing that could either kill me or set me free from his deception and power over me.

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by Lauraina Bashir

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