From Supermarket to $tock Market: A Real Housewife’s “Recipe for $uccess” Learn How to Day Trade with Cookie Jar Ca$h

Thanks to a lifetime of "Dear Diary" journals, this reader-friendly memoir and "recipe for $uccess" is a lighthearted, interactive, pre-entry-level, how-to/self-help handbook ... and much more. It's written in a humorous, conversational tone for the curious stock market optimist, and for those who want to invest in their dreams and themselves. Confident fortune seekers and those who may be interested in a full-time or part-time day trading side hustle will enjoy it as well.

The useful tips and variety of essays throughout the book are straightforward, laughable and relatable. For those who need a little satire, comic relief, and entertainment {as an eyewitness}, Mimi describes the Wall Street dirty martini social scene and alludes to what goes on behind closed boardroom and bedroom doors up and down Wall Street and Main Street.

With state-of-the-art technology and the availability of easy do-it-yourself Internet trading platforms, record-breaking enthusiasm in cyber investing has significantly increased and crossed over to the Main Street workforce and legion of coffee house squatters. Since the current shift in a (remote) work-from-home economy, Wall Street (fantasyland) is no longer limited to, or reserved for, the "keep-the-change" jet-setters and money-savvy penthouse population.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: We all know, MONEY and the STOCK MARKET are tantalizing topics - combine the two, and what do we have? A lot of BUYING!, SELLING!, and YELLING!

If "you" want to run with the bulls and the bears, here's a "tip" you could bet on: If I can buy low and sell high, you can too ... if "you" believe in "you." The rewards of financial freedom are absolutely achievable, especially for all you class clowns who never got accepted into an Ivy League college. I know this, because I'm one of them, and proof!

by Mimi LoBrasco

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