Getting There

Everyone wants to be Better!

We are all striving to improve some aspect of our lives. From our first day on the job until our last,

we are each trying to improve skills, our personality and our relationships.

Some things are easy, while others seem impossible.

With the right plan combined with a little help and direction,

deep down, we know it can be done!

Getting There is designed to be the roadmap you have been looking for!

You will relate to the useful applications for everyday life, and the amazing stories of

those who have succeeded.

You will find this book to be an enjoyable adventure

towards accomplishing those things in your life that mean the most.

Do you want to be a better person, parent, or spouse?

Want to be a better boss or employee?

Do you want to lose weight, go back to school, or run a marathon?

Do you want to get out of debt and learn to save money?

This book is your GPS—a realistic and consistent guide down the road

to progress and happiness.

Please enjoy the ride!

by Carleton “Holly” Hollister

In stores now!