Ghetto Walls

Having been born into a family that represented everything illegal and negative in the hood, Trenton (Tucker) Highland closed his mind to the circumstances of his life and opened it up to who he knew himself to be. Quietly raising his awareness of that man and made decisions and changes to become the person he had envisioned. With compassion and a strong sense of family, he focused his belief of self-love and self-knowledge onto his three brothers and his sister, Netta, to hopefully make changes in their lives. He also extends his concerns toward the Brown girls whom he considers his extended family. Trisha, the oldest of the Browns, is his sister's best friend. Their other friend Angie was also in a bad place.

He watched them grow up together and felt the pain when Trisha and her sisters' lives became the play toys of their stepfather, Billy. On the day that Trisha saw Billy about to induct her youngest sister, Noelle, into the life he had forced her and Carrie, her love and fear made her fight back. It was then that Tucker and his cousin Georgie (Georgia) quietly stepped in and rescued them. They hid them away as they planned to give Billy the fight of his life. They also began to help Angie out of her circumstances. It was not to be a fight of rage and violence that they both felt but to be one of giving back to the Browns and Angie their right to write and create their own truth. In that lies the challenge for them all—to keep their peace in those moments of rage.

by Diane McKee

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