Ghost Child: Attack of the Black Annis

Albuquerque is being blanketed by one of the harshest bone-chilling winters in recorded history. Cindy Anderson, who is a local television field reporter, has been reporting on heartbreaking stories in Albuquerque for many of winters. This winter, Cindy will soon find herself in the center of one of the greatest terrifying stories to ever unfold in this southwestern town. Cindy, after the loss of her daughter to a rare brain disease, finds herself battling the same fatal disease.Cindy's disease has given her the ability to physically interact within the spirit realm. The spirit world and Cindy's world have now become one terrifying world.The Black Annis, who some believe to be the most malevolent of all the old hags, has come looking for Cindy.The Black Annis must possess Cindy's body to unleash her horrendous evil into our world.Cindy, once living a happy loving suburban life, is chased away from that life by the Black Annis. Cindy soon finds herself living on skid row, not even knowing who she is. Battling with the Black Annis daily, Cindy soon meets two strong-willed guardians who the Black Annis strongly fears.Cindy's guardians, Mother Hollie and Katrina, take Cindy to stay in an old abandoned Victorian home where Cindy can safely reside free of the Black Annis.When Cindy encounters the spirits inside this Victorian home, she quickly realizes the spirits there need her as much as she needs them. Together, they bring peace and love back into one another's dark and lonely world. Until the Black Annis changes everything.

by JW Crawford

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