Glory's Gift

This is a story about a girl named Glory McCoy, an aspiring singer with the voice of an angel, and her journey to becoming the best singer and songwriter in the world. During a talent show that Glory was watching, she meets a talent scout named Sonny who introduces her to one of the top producers in the world. Soon after, her career takes off, and she's at the top of the list of most in-demand singers in the world for her voice and the songs that she writes. She makes Sonny her manager and then goes and buys mansions for her mother and herself and moves her two best friends—Trina and Tiana (Ti)—in with her. All is going well until Glory makes one bad decision that almost costs Glory her life. She gets paralyzed and loses her angelic singing voice, but she could never in her wildest dreams imagine the things she finds out after her accident, like where her gift came from, and now that has her wondering who Sonny is. That is a mystery that she can't solve, but until she does, she helps two friends whom she used to compete against become big stars by writing their music. Is this her gift, she wonders as she becomes the top music writer in the world. And all the while she's doing all of this, she has Trina and Ti right by her side. They have a sisterly bond that is unbreakable, and after Glory's accident, they made a vow to one another, “If one goes, we all go.” The only place they don't go together is when Glory goes to visit her dad's grave site with her mom, and also when Glory goes to see her spine therapist. Yes, she's still paralyzed, but will she remain that way? Will she find out who Sonny is? You will get all those questions answered right here.

by Lou Holt

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