Golden Jubilee: The Federal Land Distribution Act and The Unexecuted Supreme Court Order

Roger F. Golden retired as Captain from the U.S. Navy after twenty-four years of service. He was a graduate of the University of Michigan Law School with honors and served as Secretary and General Counsel for three major corporations over twenty-six years. This book is a dramatic story of the final decade of his life as legal counsel for a brokerage house in Chicago, which brought together the buy-sell transaction ushering the former Soviet Union into the world market currency system. Russia would deposit major gold reserves into USBC out of Hong Kong as collateral. All the major banks of the world were involved. The deal was so large that the commission owed to the brokerage house was $1.7 trillion in 1989! The commission fees never reached their rightful destination. This is the unbelievable revelation of the path of these commission fees and the major political and financial players involved in a massive cover-up. All of this relates to current events, including an unexecuted Supreme Court order, quietly sealed away in the Supreme Court vault, awaiting its providential day of execution, along with a revolutionary plan to distribute the wealth of all federal- and state-owned lands to the American citizenry, without touching the land, fulfilling a personal, decades-old prophecy of Jubilee and how it will touch the lives of all Americans! This is a true story you do not want to miss!

by Rich Golden

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