Grandma Says There Are No Monsters in the Dark

This book is written to lessen the fears of children about the dark. Darkness often is intimidating to almost all children. A simple object can transform itself into a great monster in the dark. Some adults will use the channel of the dark to scare children and coerce them to be submissive to what the adult deems to be favorable.

In this book, a father took his son to the park. The son was having fun and didn't want to leave. His father made up a story about monsters being in the park after dark. The son, who believed the father, was naturally afraid and wanted to go back home. On his way home, he kept looking back at all the structures in the environment. In his little imaginative mind, he kept looking at monsters all the way.

When he got home, he told his grandmother about his experience. His grandmother told him that there was no such thing as monsters and that they were invented. He believed his grandmother and was quite relieved. The next time his father took him to the park and brought the monster story, he bluntly told his father that his grandma said monsters were invented and do not exist.

by Dr. Dahlia Creese

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