Heart of a Servant: One Man's Journey of Servitude Leading to a Lifetime of Sacrifice, Duty, Honor, and Heroism

Heart of a Servant is a story based on true events of how a Chinese-born orphan named Pon K-Manee witnesses the growth of modern Thailand from his days of being a boy servant to the king, until World War II: when he becomes a trusted spy and one of the king's closest confidants. Upon declaring his loyalty at a tender age, despite having been given away to the king by his own parents, Pon must then make crucial decisions that will either bridge the gap between families and cultures, and nations themselves, or that will ultimately incur the destruction of both himself and his heritage. Unknowingly, by choosing the path closest to his own morality, and one he knows his own father would want of him: he helps to change the course of history itself!

by NJ Perez

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