Heartless Rage

Sometimes being upside down can mean your right side up, and that's just how young Ezekiel felt his life was. A heartless mother with clear distain for one of her own children for reasons she did not even know (other than the fact that Ezekiel looked like his father and Cleopatra hates that man). Molestation, verbal and physical abuse, neglect and poverty all rolled into one is a recipe to drive any person crazy or mad, but a teenage black boy already dealing with father issues just adds to his rage when witnessing the molestation of his younger brother and watching him get beaten by his mother every time the wind blew. The streets called to Ezekiel and he answered eagerly, emerging himself in its brutality and heartlessness. Finding himself at the mercy of his mother and her new pimp, him and his brother took to the underworld of Los Angeles as a fish takes to water. The best thing to happen to young Ezekiel was meeting a girl his own age, but she wasn't who he thought she was, and from that day his life changed and his reign over Los Angeles started.

by Michael T Miller

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