Heaven Sent: The Search For The Holy Grail

This is the story of Fayt Lionhart and his trusted companions (The Destiny Five). In the beginning, Fayt is aboard a train with his father Bill. Disaster strikes, and the train is derailed, which sends Fayt through a series of events that led him to a going to a college. But, this is no ordinary college. Yeah, there's beer drinking and partying, but it's ran by angels with magical powers. At the school, him and his friends, Luther Fuerhammer (son of Lucifer also the comedian), Gabriel Deshield (son of Gabriel also the smart one), Mikal Armstrong (son of Michael also the muscle), and lastly, Racheal Frost (daughter of Raphael also the eye candy), will learn which magic powers they have. They will study, find love, and join a fraternity- which means one thing, hazing. At Alpha and Omega University, it's a bunch of laughs, fun times, getting laid, and smoking the devil's lettuce, which has different magical effects depending on the type you smoke. They also watch the U.S. Eagles play Skyball, a game like football but played in a glass sphere in the air. The gang will have their difficulties too. They will have to snowboard down mountains when unexpected things occur. They will have to face a great white while going underwater cave exploring. There's an Alpha who doesn't get along with Luther. But most importantly, they meet demons who are looking for the Holy Grail. And, it just so happens that Fayt and his gang are looking for it too. Someone else is looking for it, too... Lucifer.

by Vincent F.L. Cartier

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