Herbies Back

Only a few months have passed since Mortis soundly defeated his dad, Herbie, and the leaders of earth. The great ship, Mayflower, landed on Opus only three months ago, but Mortis knows he and the citizens must be prepared to defend their new home planet. He has no doubt that Herbie will soon attack, and he will be prepared to destroy every being on Opus and the planet itself. Many lives will be lost on both sides, so Mortis knows his only hope is to minimize the losses and save the planet.

With Mark's help, they will select a leadership council made up of humans and tortoises to build an army and continue the manifest destiny of Opus and this new universe. Mortis has learned that he can depend on the entire population of Opus to listen and act with a sense of urgency when the time comes. That time has come.

Every citizen will have a duty geared to the defense and growth of the planet. Those not selected for the army or air force will begin construction of a new transportation system and a second city. Both of which will be of Tortician design thousands of feet below the surface, well-hidden, and safe, unless of course if Herbie decides to attack with a planet killer.

by Mark Massei

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