Heritage Development in English and Igbo Language: 100 Igbo Statements and Proverbs You Should Know

Why heritage language development? The need for proficiency in heritage language across the world cannot be overemphasized. United States has an unprecedented need for individuals with highly developed language competencies not only in English but also in many other languages. In fact, the need for individuals with proficiency in languages other than English in social, economic, diplomatic, and geopolitical arenas has been higher. To meet the demand for professionals skilled in languages, a strategy is needed for developing the untapped reservoir of linguistic competence. Majority of African parents are finding it extremely difficult in transmitting their ethnic group language to their younger ones born overseas in the absence of educational support necessary to impact heritage language to their kids. This book seeks to alleviate the problem. It has been said that man attained the level of self-awareness when he began to inquire into his own identity.

by Mary Na Martha

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