Hershy: Bittersweet

Hershy is a black lawyer. He has multiple women of different nationalities and a wife. All of his women know about each other. He is generous with his gifts. He doesn't come cheap.

His wife Roseanne is tired of him not coming home. She does not want to be a part-time wife.

His long-time sex companion Pam wants a baby but Hershy doesn't want a baby. He has a set of twins by his wife, and Pam is very jealous of his daughter by his wife. She threatened him that he will give her another child. He made her have an abortion when they were in college. He promised her a child and she wants one now.

Daisy is one of his women. She does not want him to have sex with anyone but her, not even his wife. When he does not come over to her house, she flips out.

April is calm and easy to please.

Faith satisfies all of his fantasies.

Kim can get a little bossy.

Roseanne is tired of the cold sheet touching her body. She hooked up with Greg's dad and now she is pregnant with twins again. She is telling Hershy he is the father of her twins, and Hershy said he is not the father because she came home smelling like another man.

Meanwhile, he finds out he has a daughter by Penny and her name is Sage.

Hershy is a mama's boy.

by Demetra Harris

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