How Do You Handle Change, Perception, and Attitude?

Life throws each of us curves, and there are times these curves can damage us for life. Some curves stem out of our childhood, siblings, and so-called friends. There are so much envy, jealousy, and hatred among those who smile in our faces day to day. There comes a time when we have to say enough is enough, no more feeling sorry for ourselves, no more regrets, no more comparison with others, and no more allowing people taking charge over us.We must not let our past rule us. We must not let rejection hinder us from trusting, loving, and forgiving. We must show kindness, compassion, and love; and we must open our hearts to receive kindness, compassion, and love. Why continue to go through life in denial putting up a mask over our hearts and minds?We must see ourselves as special, unique, appreciated, and loving. Let the queen and king in you shine. Allow yourself to love and be loved. Always put an effort to be the best version of yourself first to yourself and let that flow out to others. These writings are not just for encouragement to you; they are also for reflection of how you can start renewing your mind and opening your heart to the real you. Just because you failed before doesn't mean you must stop trying.Change is inevitable in life. Some people handle change in a positive manner, and some do not. In order to have change in a positive manner, we first have to change our thinking. We must be willing and teachable and adapt to be big and better. When we choose to fight change, we are not willing to see the big picture for something better. Change for some takes time to equate their thinking, actions, and perception. When we are set in our ways, we tend to be stubborn and suspicious of authority of people and new ideas.Change sometimes makes people feel like it is an attack on their ability or performance. They are unable to adapt to constructive criticism which is not the case in the majority of the time. When there is a new administration, there will be changes with new ideas on the operation, duties, and opportunities. When there is a new person in our lives, we tend to immediately think that they have hidden motives rather than accept that they bring a positive change that we have not seen before. The wrong perception can hinder us from seeing the positive change that they bring to our lives.Adapting to change is up to you. Ask yourself, “What do you want? What do you want to accomplish?” These are questions only you can answer. Be honest with your answer and then put your all into adapting to making your life better. If there are areas in your life you need to change, start making those changes. The question are, “How do you handle change?” Do you handle it with anticipation for a new beginning or with dread? What perception are you bringing forth? What attitude are you displaying?

by P. J. James-Douglass

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