How Not to Become a Vampire

Sacrifice. Does anyone really understand the true meaning of the word? Sloane Taranto does. All of her life, she assumed that she was typical, ordinary. Nothing though had prepared her for what was to come—from a poor college student to being the key player in the war with vampires. The vampires knew that she was unique. She was human, but there was a part of her that lingered in the supernatural world, which if found out, all of her loved ones would be in danger. Sloane would have to decide how extreme her sacrifice would be. It didn't help that the tall and overbearing Vampire Blake not only plagued her dreams, but also invigorated her senses with his mere presence. Was she strong enough to deny her heart that of which she yearned for? Will she sacrifice it all to save those that she loved?

by Melissa Pombo

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