How to Live According to Grandpa: The Wisdom and Philsophy of Tomateots!

We are presented with several million options during our life that we have to make a choice between. The choices we make create the way we see the world and establish how we live in it. This environment, which we have created for ourselves, is called our world. Everyone has a world that is unique and personal to them.Of course, our worlds are based on assumptions that for one reason or another, we choose to believe and call facts.We are sure that what we believe takes precedence over everyone else's beliefs, and that can make our world a bit of a challenge to live in at times. I have decided to share my world with the rest of the world. Not to convince anyone that my world is better than theirs but to share some of the things that I found helpful for the world at large.In my eighty-eight years as a well-educated wonderer, many of my assumed facts have been proven wrong. I see that as progress a good thing. The challenge is to be able to accept that one of your lifelong facts just isn't true. I have only a few things that I learned that have stayed true so far and have been stabilizers in my world. I think they can be of use to almost everyone and need sharing.I am not writing this book to encourage you to think like me but rather to just think. There are things changing all around you. So many new things to learn. So many new places to visit. So many edges out there you haven't walked on yet. No matter how intelligent you are, your areas of vast ignorance are greater than your areas of knowledge.There is so much to learn that when you throw your arms up and say, "I know nothing," it will be true, but it is okay. Every other human on earth is in the same situation, they just don't know it.We have robots with Artificial Intelligence (AI) far beyond any human right now that are working for us. What will happen when they decide we are too dumb and of no use to them? I believe this could be a far greater threat to human survival than global warming. What do you think, and why?

by John Reseck Jr

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