How to Manifest God and Give His Glory Back

When we really think about all that God has created, it can be hard to comprehend. There is such diversity in His creation and so much of it that man still hasn't seen or discovered yet. However, though the things manifested by our creator can be very different from each other, when we take a closer look, we can see how they connect with all of creation. We can see how intertwined we and the rest of God's creation is. Everything created is a manifestation of God along with His son and His spirit.

This book explores an actual manifestation process used by God and where we fit into it. The fact is that, individually and together, we play a very big and even larger role in God's plan than many of us think. Each and every one of us was manifested by God for a reason, and that reason connects us all, which in turn connects us each to God. When we return God's glory to Him through demonstrating our love for each other, this is when God's glory shines the greatest!

by James J. Carlin

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