HVAC Electrical for Idiots

The New Way of Testing for Carbon Monoxide (Now that we use Combustion Air Intake)Helpful Sales Techniques for Selling Parts That Are Still Working (Pro Active Maintenance)A Fast and Easy Way to Remove Blower Wheels Without a PullerProper Capacitor TestingThe Right Way to Oil and Grease Blower Motors and Air Handler Shafts (It's Not Like You Think)Single Phase Compressor Coil Testing and Terminal Identification Bad Gas Valve or Frozen Meter?Testing Draft Inducer Assembly and Negative Pressure Switch Testing Flame SensorsWhat's Causing Fuses to Blow or Breakers Tripping?Proper Belt Tightening and Alignment (Bet You Missed This One)Simple Test of Thermostat and Thermostat Wiring

by Brien Hollis

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