I Am A Convict: I Surrender All to the Creator

I Am a Convict can be lifted with one hand. However, the readable contents are so heavy you may need two hands to handle it. It comprises a wealth of wisdom that encompasses culture, religion, business, politics, and education. We encounter an unquestionable love that begins with school friends. Jeff was too afraid of his buddies to let her know he really liked her. Sapphina had been too hurt to receive love. However, the eleventh grade prom brings them together in an inseparable love. Life changing decisions have to be made when Jeff drops out of twelfth grade and Sapphina leaves him. The two tread on separate paths. Sapphina attends college where she seeks a handsome man. Reluctantly, she gives up the search to focus on helping the needy and downtrodden. Jeff becomes a successful entrepreneur, but he soon learns more money can mean more problems, and those problems must be addressed. It is through those problems Jeff is forced to answer his calling. I Am a Convict personifies a myriad of love related expressions. They learn history, they live history, and they make history.

by Gregory Fielder

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