I Have My Eyes on You

Darrian Collins is recently divorced and is starting over in Austin, Texas. She has a job at a restaurant and is studying at the same time while trying to meet new people. Her older sister Danielle Collins lives in the same city, and she is pushing for her younger sister to go out on dates and be more sociable. While Darrian is living a simple and quiet life, her sister invites her out so she can hang out with the friends she regularly goes out with.This is where Darrian meets Danielle's coworkers/friends. She is introduced to two young men named Timothy and Michael and a young woman named Amber.To everyone's surprise, Michael and Darrian get along and start dating. This makes Danielle very happy knowing that her little sister is having fun and isn't lonely once again.This, however, makes other people very angry, and in time, Darrian will find herself in a cat-and-mouse game. She begins to be harassed and receive strange and dark gifts from a person she doesn't know.As time goes by, she starts to wonder if the person sending her things is a stranger after all. Maybe...just maybe...the danger is a lot closer than it seems.Danielle is the only person whom Darrian can trust, and together they try to keep each other safe.While Darrian's quiet and peaceful life is turned upside down by this tangled web of lies, there is also a sinister and dark secret the city of Austin holds. Someone has been kidnapping and murdering young females during the night.Could all the kidnappings and Darrian's stalking be connected? Or is it the work of an ex-lover who holds a grudge on Darrian for trying to have a new love life.Humans have always had a dark side and can commit horrible acts. In this terrifying story you must remember that someone is always watching!

by Mayra Castaneda

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