I Once Was Blind But Now I See

Joseph Danielson started life like most Christian children. He was shy, humble, and obedient. Joseph loved reading the Bible, especially with his father. Joseph and his father had long talks about his favorite stories in the Bible. During these talks, Joseph's mother would sit with them enjoying how they talked with each other. She sometimes helped explain scripture in a simple way Joseph could understand. This normal life soon changed, in ways Joseph couldn't deal with properly. With each challenge, Joseph's faith sees him through. Then a greater challenge would fall on him, and yet again his faith would see him through. Joseph found himself facing true evil, and it took an agent of heaven to help him survive. You will see him grow with each challenge. You will see how the people around him respond to his growth. Joseph not only finds how powerful scripture can be against evil, he also discovers how much evil has always been around him that he couldn't see.

by Qa'id Harris

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