If in Him, You Believe

Are you aware of yourself and what you're made of as a human being? Are you conscious of your inner strength and capabilities? Do you know the reason why you were born on earth at a certain period and place? Are you aware of your journey and purpose in life? Have you ever questioned yourself about the existence of a living God? If yes, do you completely believe (without a doubt) in him?People like us arbitrarily question God for any trials that come our way. "Why me? Why not others?" are the usual words we utter when faced with misfortunes, and, more often than not, we blame ourselves, regardless. We feel powerless, inadequate, and helpless. We forget that we are our very own weapon against anything that causes us to hunker down. We are made to be strong and powerful. We are a masterpiece of our loving Creator. We were created in his own image, in his own power!This is a powerful true story about a little girl who got stuck in a more than dreadful situation that was out of control and beyond resolution. A compelling story of unrelenting faith and incontestable belief in the Higher Power. Her (mis)adventures built her up to be a woman of strength, inconceivable resilience, unwavering hope, strong determination, and a firm belief in God, whom she fondly calls her heavenly Father.

by Susan Angus-Perez

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