In The Shadow of the Hatman: Murder, Mystery, Magic, Mayhem

In the Shadow of the Hatman: Murder, Mystery, Magic, Mayhem is based on events in my life that occurred after my first death. While this story is not strictly autobiographical, it includes events that I still can't explain. All I know is that they happened, and this is how I dealt with them. In the Shadow of the Hatman is a work of passion inspired by Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. It took me eighteen years to finish.As a writer, I've seen many strange things that couldn't be explained, so I took pen and paper to understand what I experienced. Life is about choices and consequences, and nothing we do is done without a measure of sacrifice or love. Love often causes us to do the bizarre.In the Shadow of the Hatman follows the crusade of Azrael, the angel of death, and his companions as they attempt to save the world from an invasion of demonic children known as the Loon Army, who seek to devour every living soul in the multiverse. Will things go as planned? Well, I'm not telling. You'll have to read it for yourself.

by Ali Hatmanshadow Reynolds

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