Instability: Jack's Story

Growing up in the foster care system isn't easy on anyone. For some, it's even harder. The psyche of a child, or anyone, really, is such a fragile thing. It can be broken so easily. When you go through trauma, your brain finds a way to cope. Most of the time, the damage can eventually be healed. In some cases, though, such as Jacqueline's, Jack for short, trauma creates a sociopath. There's no coming back from that.She went through most of her life without it being a major issue for her, or anyone around her. She never intentionally harmed anyone in any way. She just didn't feel as strongly as others. Then she met Gavin, the first man she ever wanted to try to build a normal life with. He is the best boyfriend anyone could ask for, even a sociopath. He is kind, thoughtful, loving, and supportive. Jack's favorite part about him, he has a submissive personality, which meant they got along very well. Her dominant personality never clashed with his.But there is a problem. Gavin's best friend, Nino, is a sociopath as well. Nino had a hold on Gavin for twenty years before Jack met him. He was manipulative and abusive. There is no way Jack will allow Nino to remain in Gavin's life. He is her person now. She wants to protect him. The issue is Nino won't let go without a fight. He has groomed and manipulated Gavin into doing what he wanted for so long. He won't allow Jack to just walk in and take away his pet.Jack and Nino are both used to getting what they want. So, which one of them wants Gavin more? Which one of them is willing to do whatever it takes to keep him? How far will either of them go? Sociopaths can be dangerous to anyone. Imagine how dangerous they can be toward each other.

by Jj Slotz

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