It Must Be Written!: God Is Not Worshipped Anyhow

It Must Be Written is an awesome book, which is come to open your eyes to see the truth that is in the Holy Scriptures. When religion is wrongly practiced and conducted outside the framework of in spirit and in truth, it completely and ultimately destroys the human mind. How to worship God is written, therefore you cannot worship God anyhow and in your own way.Man is not the way. Jesus is the way. Whatsoever you are doing in the name of the Lord—whether it is preaching, teaching, and healing in his name—it must be written. After reading this book, you will know for yourself if you have been sitting on the footstool of error or not because so many people think they are worshipping God but don't know they are busy worshipping something else.This book is an eye-opener to a range of issues that Christian believers are basking in, but when you examine them, you will find out that they are not supported by the Holy Scriptures of God. If it is not written, it is not sound; and if it is not sound, it is therefore erroneous. Whatever is not from God cannot stand, and you cannot pick and choose from the Holy Word of God to soothe your lifestyle.

by Christopher Anyanwu

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