It Wasn’t Always Easy: Life and Adventures of Ron Schildt

Ron Schildt was born and raised in Quincy, Illinois, a small town near the banks of the Mississippi River. The surrounding country is grain and livestock farms with rolling hills, brushy draws, and creeks. He was born with dyslexia and has lived with it his whole life. This condition also affected his ability to be able to go to college. His grandfather and father were avid hunters and fishermen. He went with them at a young age. A subscription to Outdoor Life magazine and articles written by the legendary Jack O'Conner created a path of dreams for his future. His dreams to hunt and fish worldwide were now etched in stone. By the age of twenty, he realized it would take a great-paying job to support a family and pursue his dreams. He overcame numerous obstacles and road blocks, mostly caused by his dyslexic condition, and became president in a very large worldwide corporation. He has been married for over fifty years to his lovely and understanding wife, Sandy Schildt (Cobb). They have two daughters, Amy and Angela, and six grandchildren. His dream to hunt and fish worldwide were accomplished as he has done this through adventures on three continents and the island of New Zealand.

by Ron Schildt

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