It's About Time: A Space-Time Adventure

Samuel Hunter and his girlfriend Sam stumble upon mysterious bank accounts under their names. In their efforts to solve the origin of these accounts, Samuel, Sam, and his assistant Mel are drawn into a fantastic world they had no idea existed. A world of time travel, intrigue, and multiuniverse exploration. Using quantum-entangled duplicate bodies, they not only explore multiple universes but multiple dimensions in these universes as well.

The team is recruited by a secret group of humans and aliens as a troubleshooting team to maintain order in the different universes. Their new job takes them to many planets, secret bases, and planes of existence. They meet new friends along the way, and their adventure evolves into a spiritual journey as well.

Traveling in their quantum-entangled bodies, they are transported, or transmitted if you will, on gravity waves instantly to their targeted destinations. With the help of the Nordics, an alien race that is astute at time travel, there is no time or place they cannot go.

Even though this is a sci-fi story, many of the places, times, dates, and characters they meet are real. They witness some of the biggest events in history. Samuel and Sam find a love like no other after sharing all the same experiences. They marry and have kids while in their quantum bodies, which causes a multitude of unexpected and sometimes humorous consequences.

by Keith Towell

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