It's All Questionable: Tales from the Single Life

Anyone who has dated on the internet knows it doesn't come with an instruction manual. If it did, there would be some better behavior while trying to present oneself as likable. Stephanie Baswell became a regular on the internet dating scene after pressing the reset button on her life. She started over in a new state, and her hilarious journey lifts the veil on the lack of humility and desperate behavior that comes with cyber searching for a potential match. On the quest to settle down and spread some roots, she instead found herself knee deep in unsolicited dick pics, divorced crazies, and ridiculous men who behave like children. Stephanie Baswell, a.k.a. Spazwell or Spaz for short, was excited about trying to navigate a new life in Tennessee her way. She's funny, unpredictable, geographically challenged, animated, and terrible at making decisions. All those characteristics combined make up her genuine charm and unique personality. She's the life of the party, a great friend to many, and an enemy of none (who are worth mentioning). She also holds a forgotten old record for the longest keg stand in a college she still owes money to. While that may be impressive to some, it was not setting her dating life up for success. As she sailed through this experiment, she left a few dates on the side of the road both literally and figuratively, and she was always just one mustard-eating redneck away from another relationship misfire. This story takes you through the scenic route of internet dating and the many different culture shocks that come with flipping your life upside down.

by Stephanie Caldwell

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