It's Messy

Dawn Williams fell in love with Tyrone Walker in 2005, to which she met online. Six months into the relationship, Tyrone ghosts Dawn and leaves her heartbroken. In 2010, Dawn moves on with Micah Brown but is skeptical about falling in love. Micah takes Dawn home to meet his family for the annual family reunion, for Dawn to run into Tyrone, who happens to be Micah's brother. Come to find out, Tyrone's real name is Mitch Brown, and the Tyrone persona created on the online site was fake, and Mitch is married with children. To further complicate the situation, Micah proposed to Dawn, further making the unexpected reunion awkward. Mitch silently attempts to sabotage Dawn's effort to bond with the family, and with every attempt, it hilariously backfires. Things get messier when Mitch remembers why he was attracted to Dawn in the first place, possibly falling for her all over again. All chaos and hell break loose on the week with the family. Will everyone survive the reunion?

by A. Massingale

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