Just Because

This fictional story has some episodes and events that are true. This leaves the reader a lot to wonder and ponder upon. All personal names and places have been changed, rather they are true or false.

It begins with a married deaf couple going on vacation with their young hearing daughter. They'd lived their lives so carefully and tried to do everything right, especially where their daughter was concerned. How could they have killed their beautiful daughter without even knowing it? When they realized she was missing, they thought she'd been abducted or drowned in the sea.

It took weeks before evidence of her dead body was found. They were both arrested and sent to jail on suspicion of murder. Neither one knew any Spanish nor did any of the Mexican authorities know any English. Any kind of communication was almost impossible. Their lawyer tried extremely hard to free them as the father was being physically abused, and new evidence was available to prove their innocence.

The Mexican authorities were totally convinced they were both guilty and they had to go to trial. The trial was almost a year later. Their lives were being wasted away along with their minds for no reason. Just because? After a long tough road ahead, they were found not guilty.

The story also contains sexual, religious, and humorous areas as well as mystery thoughts and bizarre life happenings.

by Judith Chapman

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