Justice Over Innocence: A Road to Redemption

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Chester Azzaro was blamed for a murder he never committed. He was tried for actions he never took. He was imprisoned for crimes he was not guilty of. He found himself alone. Midnight fell. He descended into a personal hell. Memory loss couldn't keep him down. He was a fighter in more ways than one. Personal loss shaped him but couldn't define him. He chose who he wanted to be. Anger couldn't drown him. He fought past it. Despair sometimes clawed at him, but hope shined through the night.He struggled to find his place at home. He couldn't find home. The enemies of the past are stirring again. Old friends and new friends have risen up, but will they hold when the storm blows through? Who is Waverly? What do these enemies want? Why are they attacking again? Chester finds himself in trouble with the law again for crimes he didn't commit. Will Chester ever find his redemption? Just how long is that road of redemption?

by Nikki McCavenna-King

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