Keeping Up With God

This is a book about the belief that the coronavirus is a plague sent from God because he is angry with mankind. It is possible for people of Christian faith to accept this belief. Others may question it. There are 120 plagues mentioned in the Bible. According to the scriptures, these plagues were sent by God for this very reason. He was angry with the breakdown in family life. From the events of the garden of Eden going forward, earth life was created to establish family life. The purpose given is for families to continue into the next life after this testing time on earth. We all have to agree that earth life is a very short existence. It is natural for people to hope that there is something greater beyond this life. The Bible scriptures say there is an afterlife. This book follows God's creation of a special family that now fills up the whole earth. This is the house of Israel. Descendants of this family are found in all lands. According to the Bible, in eternity, there is no acceptance of sin in heaven. In order for us to return to heaven, we needed a savior who had never committed sin to die for us. This savior had to be born into the lineage of a special family. God created the Israelites to prepare for the birth of the Savior. This book follows the family of man, from Adam and Eve down to the apocalypse at the end of the earth, as told in the book of Revelation. All the contents of this book can be found on the internet.

by Shirley Ann Rich

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