Lance's Follies

Lance is a "coming of age during the sexual revolution" story. He was uniquely different from the millions of other baby boomers. How often do the stars align right? The DNA lottery presented a gift that kept on giving. The nurses in the maternity ward all gathered around giggling. They knew at first glance Lance was special. Little were aware that this newborn "boomer" would wind up a leading player in the upcoming sexual revolution. He grew up believing that stubbornness was a good quality.Lance is on the verge of continuing a self-destructive lifestyle. He had already died. Now he looks at his future and decides to end his Vegas playboy lifestyle. Listening to the voices in his head, he quits his firefighter career, marries a Mensa candidate, and moved away from Vegas. How did this affect his life as he grew up at the right place and the right time during the sexual revolution? Did this make or ruin his life? An exciting ride with enough twists and turns to make a sober person dizzy. Girls do talk.

by Garret D. Onderdonk III

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