Lansdowne's Finest

Born and raised in the treacherous streets of Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, Frost didn't have a chance to choose the streets. They chose him. Frost had been a small-time jack boy while his right-hand man Homi chose music. Homi always tried to get Frost to make music with him, but Frost only knew how to take money with the power of a gun. That changed when they stole a car for a robbery and discovered a truck full of drugs. Once Frost and Homi started trapping, they started playing the clubs, which was their downfall. They crossed paths with a pimp in Atlantic City that wants parts of their drug enterprise, but before they could sit down and talk business, they find themselves at war with each other. Frost finds himself falling deeper and deeper in the streets as he fights to stay alive and as his life changes for the worse. However, when Homi signs a record deal, Frost decides to leave the streets alone only after he busts this one last trap, thinking Homi's record deal happened for the best, but did it?Lansdowne's Finest is full of twist and turns as the snakes come to the surface and enemies realize they have a deeper connection. Lansdowne's Finest is full of sex, drugs, and death as the author, twenty-two-year-old Daniel Lites, tells a gangsta story in a different, unique way. It's called being realistic. Welcome to Landowne's Finest.

by Daniel Lites

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