Late Bloomers

Brighten, the bright, colorful, bigger-than-usual, handsome butterfly did not hatch from his cocoon like this. Forced by time, Brighten's colony left him behind before he hatched from his cocoon. Brighten did not know to take flight like a butterfly, nor did he know what species of insect he was. Most of the life lessons he learned from other friendly insects. The lack of having his colony gave him encouragement to find them. The lack of having the love of his colony gave him a bigger heart to love all insects.Old meets young, and for a brief second the Ace discovers there is another abandoned butterfly left behind. The Ace seen himself in Brighten, but his pride stood in the way of having the same excitement about finding the colony as Brighten. The Ace was old and stubborn, but was full of wisdom on the gardens of this region and how to survive. But his whole life he was alone, and the Ace's loneliness encouraged his pride even more. As Brighten and the Ace unknowingly grew closer together, the determination of Brighten combined with the ignorance of the dangers all around them turns into life-risking adventures!

by Ahki

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