Leadership & Parenting is Simple, Not Easy

Very often, because people are good at making widgets, they are promoted to be in charge of the department making widgets. They know how to make great widgets but nothing about managing people. So they fall back to their comfort zone and continue doing what they are good at--making widgets--and avoiding what they are uncomfortable at--managing people!

You need a license to get married, to drive a car, and to practice some professions. All you need to do to have children is...to get pregnant (or adopt)! And there is no training manual that comes with the child. So many parents revert back to what their parents did, which may not have been the best example.

This book looks at three simple ways leaders and parents (as leaders of the family) can be more effective with their team members and their child(ren).

Bob Ranieri has been a corporate trainer and executive coach with Dale Carnegie Training since 1983, helping organizations and individuals to improve performance.

He is also a licensed mental health counselor since 1998, working at an agency that sees children and families and teaching parenting classes since 2004.

Bob is also an avid reader (all kinds of books), golfer, and enjoys time with his six grandchildren.

by Bob Ranieri, M.S., LMHC, CCMHC

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