Legends of Azueris : Dragonborn

Centuries ago, a wall was built between ocean and mountain to keep the goblins out. Now the wall stands in ruins with soldiers dead at its foothold. The only two survivors from the incident must find a new way to serve their kingdom. As more attacks begin to amount across the continent of Azueris, the Elders of Bursch must take a powerful stance against them and try to unite all the peoples of Azueris against a common threat. Together, three humans, two gnomes, and a dwarf begin on a journey to unite all the countries of Azueris.

Meanwhile, the merfolk empire leads the destruction of many of the land's coastal cities as they push for greater control of precious soil. There, an elven guard, a princess, and a thief seek to find balance and fight for their queendom. To prepare against their common threat, they must fight both reason and ideals in search of a means to save their kingdoms from destruction. Only it seems they're too late before they even can manage to begin.

On their wondrous journeys, they meet gnomes, mountain dwarves, ice dwarves, elves, giants, fauns, and talking trees in this world filled with alternative low-end technology.

by Kory E. Slane

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