Leo and the Harp

Leo, not quite a man but no longer a boy, yearns for more than his boyhood home can give. To unravel the mysteries his home hides, he embarks on a solo journey. While he unravels hundreds of years of folklore, he also discovers he is the key, the key to restoring the kingdom of Lucerne. With a magical harp and an all-knowing hummingbird, Leo is led to his destiny. A journey which reveals mythical lands, royalty long forgotten, knightly heroes, and magical creatures. But most of all, he finds who he wants to be, a hero just like his new friends. Friends who possess surreal superpowers, the kind of powers legends are made of. He also learns even heroes can fall and need to be reminded of who they once were. Do you have the courage to follow your heart? Do you feel life has more to offer than what you can see? Find your inner Leo, and you never know what adventure might find you.

by T. Mushlin

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