Lessons of Experience of a GE CFO

Participate in the Lessons of Experience of a boy born in Bellevue, Kentucky, continuing through high school in Pinellas County, Florida, and then the University of Cincinnati. Follow the twenty-three years of experiences as he joins the Financial Management Program and then goes on the fast track program of corporate audit staff, and increasingly more responsible positions to become the chief financial officer (CFO) of two of GE's industrial businesses and the most successful manufacturing acquisition of Nuovo Pignone in Florence, Italy.

He then becomes a senior vice president in one of GE Capital's largest acquisitions ($8.5 billion in sales). Along the way, you will encounter many life-changing experiences that formed and developed his competitive, results-focus leadership style under Jack Welch, Dennis Dammerman, and many of GE's executives that provided leadership and mentoring.

by Jay Braukman

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