Letters from Hawaii

Letters from Hawaii is R. K. Lindsey's eighth book and a takeoff from Mark Twain's 1866 collection of twenty-five letters written from Hawaii for the Sacramento Union. Letters is an autobiographical sketch of Lindsey's work life. As a probation officer with the Hawaii Judiciary, park ranger with the National Park Service, self-employed farmer, a state legislator in Hawaii's State House, coffee plantation manager, a clerk typist, resource center coordinator, government relations officer, agency liaison and assets director with Kamehameha Schools/Bishop Estate, and trustee with the Office of Hawaiian Affairs. He employs wit, humor, history, and wistful words of wisdom throughout hoping to touch the heart. Lindsey's fifty-eight letters and nine postcards are a conversation with pen pal Mossimo Antolini, in London, England. Antolini is a fictional character, but the substance of the letters is true.

by R. K. Lindsey, Jr.

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