Life of a Soul: Under the Shadow of Gita

The human soul is "God miniaturized." Soul consciousness is to experience the Divine, and it is a part of you which never sleeps, never forgets, and is eternal. The soul, in this profundity, has a likeliness and nearness to God. The soul is the energy of universal love, wisdom, and compassion. Souls are an expression of beauty, imagination, and creativity. Rig Veda speaks of soul and God as two birds of beautiful wings, friends by nature who are perched on the same twig of a tree. You are neither body nor living being but Almighty Himself. We are spiritual beings with human experience and not human beings with spiritual experience. Matter (body) and souls, although as real as God, are dependent on God. The soul is placed in the body like a rough diamond and must be polished or the luster of it will not appear. If you see the moon, you see the beauty of God; If you see the sun, you see the power of God. If you see the mirror, you see the best creation of God. So choose the best you like, the best creation of God. The human body, created by God in His own image and in His own liking, is the jewel of creation and has the capacity to deliver the soul from the cycle of birth and death to a higher level of existence. If you install God's image in the temple of your heart and keep His company all the time, He does not have to wait to visit you at times of need.

by Ram Malik

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