Lil Steven: (Why Is School So Hard!)

Lil Steven is six and a half years old and suffers from separation anxiety, ADHD, and sensory processing disorder. Although he loves going to school, he struggles with anxiety in kindergarten.Many children quickly fall into the routines that come with any typical school day. Lil Steven struggles with wanting to make friends and adjusting to the loud noises and directions that seem to be coming from everywhere. Although he is a very good learner and picks up everything quickly, the school day can become overwhelming.When he has difficulties, he feels like a failure and that he is disappointing his parents after trying very hard to be a good boy.The book talks about some of Lil Steven's struggles and how he overcomes them. Lil Steven opens the door for school administrators and parents to talk to children about their emotional well-being when dealing with school and other areas of their lives. Many children are diagnosed with ADHD and separation anxiety, but they do not know what those big words mean.Lil Steven describes in his own words how he is feeling about different circumstances during the school day. This book helps children to connect their feelings with those big words and letters that affect their everyday lives.

by Jacqueline Nixon

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