Lion of the Caribbean

Aubre Desaulle had become the very thing he was trying to kill, a pirate. Combing waters of the New World, he endlessly searched for the man who had destroyed everything he knew and loved.

Captains Aubre and Ketch commanding as one sailed the Golden Lion. Many galleons began to fall prey to the gilded vessel and her close crew. Aubre's exploits and fame spread. Even the Caribbean itself was sitting up to take notice.

The meeting of the brotherhood brought his nemesis, Captain Sombra, to Tortuga. But revenge would have to wait another day. The encounter bound Sombra to Aubre, for his own brand of retaliation.

In a pristine cove, Aubre's prowess as a pirate yielded a treasure beyond his wildest dreams: the beautiful Catherine de Esperanza!

Although love would forever change their lives, a promise to return her was kept. One could not live without the other. Aubre risked his life to get Catherine back.

The joining of their lives was tested, as Sombra cast his lifeless eyes to the innocent. The unthinkable had happened again.

Aubre took Catherine to safety, as the months and years passed. Amid life's tragedies, he learned a valuable lesson.

In a duel to the death, Aubrey faced Sombra for his crimes against humanity and love!

by Darin Ratisseau

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